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“A commitment to sexual equality with men is a commitment to becoming the rich instead of the poor, the rapist instead of the raped, the murderer instead of the murdered.”
- Andrea Dworkin

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I’ve been thinking that one of the points missed when people get pissed off at “I’m a feminist but not a fat, ugly dyke” is that nearly all the feminists worth giving a shit about were at least 2 out of 3:  Bela Abzug, Audre Lorde, Ti Grace Atkinson, Andrea Dworkin, Shulamaith Firestone.  Hell, you even get to the “third wave women” writers that I still care about: Dorothy Allison, Nomy Lamm.  Go back a hundred years and we’ve got Carrie Nation with her battleaxe, valkyrie body and so many suffragettes and women organizers who worked side by side with their “companions”.   And I never seem to be able to stop thinking about how much it means to me that the church I go to was founded by two lesbian women who worked their whole lives to make birth control readily available. 

I mean, you’re not just throwing “undesirable” or whatever women under the bus,  your actively re-writing the history of women’s movements to erase their leaders and most powerful thinkers… who were fat, ugly, dykes. 

And man, I was afraid for so long ( still am)  of being a fat ugly dyke but I was so wrong because women who don’t fit into a patriarchal culture’s views of what women should be are so fucking powerful. 

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radical feminism fills in the blanks and sets boundaries that liberal feminism avoids. ‘do whatever u want, it’s ur choiiiiiice!’ is just not good enough in feminism. can i re-enact rape? yes. should i? no. individual choice is not above analysis and common sense. boundaries are needed.

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I hate this idea that slurs can be labelled “reclaimed” for everybody everywhere. To me, reclaiming slurs is a very personal experience and involves a conscious decision to take something hurtful and make it your personal strength.

You can’t reclaim slurs for other people and just because many people in one area may reclaim a slur doesn’t mean that it’s been “globally” reclaimed.

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"Here’s how to properly hurt women, unlike in that awful Fifty Shades movie”


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For women, Disney princesses introduce us to our roles before sex is in the picture, and pornography and mainstream media finish off that death of authentic sexuality usually before we have even had our first sexual encounter with a male. We know how to arch our backs, moan like porn stars, and bat our eyes often before puberty. We know which restrictive, revealing, and often debilitating clothing to strap on to strut our stuff with a face painted by make-up while we are still in elementary school, and we begin this ritualized, inauthentic routine as soon as we hit high school. We are explicitly defined by the culture as the class of people that the other class of people will eventually penetrate, and our worth is rated by how much that other class wants to penetrate us.


I hate people whose reason for disliking 50 shades of grey is that it “portrays bdsm inaccurately” & not because it romanticises male violence against women & gives young women incredibly unhealthy ideas about relationships. Anyone with an ounce of empathy will regard this movie as the woman-hating, abuse-glorifying heap of dogshit that it is, but kinksters are upset that people are going to judge their community negatively. As if the bdsm community doesn’t attract rapists & abusers by the loads, because duh, it’s a place where you can rape & abuse women freely & call it kinky fun. Kinksters are worthless trash.

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'safe, sane, and consensual' should be the mantra for all sex bdsm ain't special oh my god
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Whenever I hear an LGBT person go off kink shaming I get really sad because kinks are just as much about expressing sexuality as you liking the same gender or wanting to be the other sex. Please respect that.

Except kinks do no exist in a vacuum, are learned, can be unlearned, and are not an inherent part of our sexuality. Furthermore, an individual that participates in kink does not face remotely the same — if any — oppression lesbian, gay, and trans people face. Comparing lesbians or trans people to rape fantasies and sexulized violence is disrespectful and incredibly offensive.


there is absolutely no room for self proclaimed “feminists” who support the porn industry in our movement. once you prioritize your orgasms and some vague, liberal concept of “choice” (that somehow always always always escapes even bare level, minuscule levels of analysis) over the health and overall wellbeing of abused women (who, i might add, make up the majority of the porn industry itself) you have absolutely no business calling yourself a feminist.

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